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American Heritage Cremation Society plan includes:

     * 24 Hour Transportation of deceased.
     * Licensed professional time & staff services.
     * Documents, permits, cremation authorization as required by Florida statutes.
     * Medical examiner fee and coordination with Physician.
     * One certified death certificate.
     * Alternative container, required by law to hold the body during refrigeration.
     * Cremation procedure.
     * Plastic container to protect cremated remains.
     * 48 State return to family or accepting Veterans Cemetery.

 $1700 is our Fee

                                           ...No Funeral
                                           ...No Embalming
                                           ...No Expensive Casket
                                           ...No Public Viewing
                                           ...No Costly Shipping
                                           ...No Hidden Charges

This service is designed to keep a difficult time as simple and affordable as possible. If you are sure of your family’s desire for direct cremation, this option is the best choice. American Heritage is ready to assist you. Let our expertise help keep a difficult time simple.  Many questions can be answered by reviewing page 4 of the cremation contract linked below.

                                    Step 1

              Notify Medical Professional to call 1 . 800 . 756 . 2311

                                    Step  2

                                         Forms to complete:

                    A.  Vital Statistics for death certificate linked here

                     B.  Florida: Contract Link

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Click here for more information on Veteran's benefits, cemeteries, and forms. 

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                                 Veterans Marker & Interment Information

The information below is requested by the Veterans Administration when making application.

This Guide is only to assist when you call central scheduling. 1 . 800  .535  .1117

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**Florida statutes prohibit firms with our type of license to schedule services of any kind.